Welcome to DaySpring Christian Church!

Have you ever asked the question, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I WANT TO BE A PART OF THE CHURCH?  I’m sure the question has been posed many times throughout the ages.  How you answer the question obviously determines you becoming or not becoming a part of the Church.  For a moment, think of the possibilities of what could be GAINED by becoming a part of the Body of Christ. Philip Yancey in Leadership magazine states, “Like a victorious locker room, Church is a place to exult, to give thanks, to celebrate the great news that all is forgiven, that God is love, that victory is certain. 

Here’s what could be gained:
A PLACE TO BELONG – Most people yearn for a place to be known; to be accepted and cared about.  People want to be known and to know others.  The church provides an environment where people will be loved.  Love encourages, edifies, and includes.  You become a part of something far greater than yourself.  The Church is a community; a place where people can belong. 
A PLACE FOR SIGNIFICANT CONVERSATION – There are four levels of conversation; superficial, neighborly, friendship and intimate.  Most people struggle to enter into conversation outside the realm of superficial.  The Church creates an arena that offers people the opportunity to talk about things that matter; life, death, significance, purpose…life with meaning.
A PLACE THAT CREATES MEANING – Everyone asks the questions; Why am I here?  What am I to do?  Where does all of this lead?  The Church fills in the blanks.  It replaces the question marks with exclamation points.  We are a part of something that exists beyond all of this, we are a part of something that lasts.
A PLACE WHERE EVERY PERSON IS SIGNIFICANT – How is this possible?  How can every person carry significance?  John 3:16 answers that questions, For God so loved the WORLD.  To every person, God expressed His love.  How?  He gave His only Son.  God loves you and has given you the greatest gift ever given.  You are valued.
A PLACE OF HOPE – It’s a given fact, everyone dies.  What’s beyond that veil?  Nothing?  Something?  Everything?  You get to choose your hope.  You get to choose where your hope lies.  The Church is a collective hope in a promise given by Jesus in John 14, I go to prepare a place for you. 

Our Heart is to share Grace AND Truth…